Section Two


Let’s Talk About Art: Creative Convo Prompts

The wall hanging activity is the most structured activity in the kits. It has been designed to produce a really impressive outcome by only following a few steps. We know some children may not enjoy the challenge of a fresh lump of clay.

Sometimes not being able to achieve the outcome they hoped for can be upsetting so we wanted to find a way to make pottery as stress free as possible. Not only does this activity provide step-by-step instructions and tutorial videos, they also have the assistance of clay cutters to avoid any unwanted mistakes made by the pressure of carving an object freehand. 


Some questions to get you started

- How did you….(make those shapes / create that texture etc)?
- Have you learnt or tried anything today that you hadn’t before?
- What is your favourite part about your pottery piece?
- Are you proud of your creation?
- What can you tell me about your pottery piece?
- Where did you get your idea?
- What title would you give this piece?
- How do you feel when you are creating new things with the clay?