About Us

We believe (because it’s been scientifically proven) children learn the best when they are engaged and having fun. Art has always been a great catalyst for this. As such, we have designed a range of craft kits that will help young minds undertake journeys of creativity and self-exploration, as well as enabling them to learn new skills along the way.

Our Mission

Our goal is to help 'Sculpd' the next generation of creatives by creating a brand and product range that helps young minds undertake journeys of creativity, trust their abilities and express their imagination.  

Our Kits

Our introductory boxes will focus on artistic mediums including - pottery, painting and mosaic before we expand our range and explore solar systems, wellbeing and ancient history (and so much more!) through the medium of craft.

Our Guarantee

We promise to continue to create our products with your child's best interest in mind.  Whether its enjoyment, creativity,  learning, sustainability or inclusivity that is important to you, we will continue to make these topics a priority.