Section Three

How This Kit Helps Your Child’s Development


Improves Motor Skills

Our kits help improve your child's motor skills in several ways, by developing their gross motor skills, fine motor skills, and hand-eye coordination. Exercises that help with these skills include drawing, painting, scissor and stencil use. Sculpting in particular helps with improving hand-eye coordination by requiring your child’s eyes to guide their hands.


Helps language development and Comprehension

Art produced by children often shows what they are thinking or feeling which can be a great starting point for conversation. This strengthens their vocabulary by prompting them to discuss colours, shapes, reasoning and narratives.

This kit can also improve wider literacy skills through developing reading, speaking, and listening. Additionally, this kit will foster your child’s comprehension skills when your child matches illustrations and photography to written instructions 


Original Thought

Choices made through art improve problem-solving and critical thinking skills, which carry over into other areas of life. Looking at art also helps children learn visually. Interpreting, processing, and criticising what they see are skills that can be applied in other parts of their lives.

Art also promotes emotional intelligence and self-expression, as children learn to process and express their emotions in healthy ways. Many children and adults alike benefit from the quiet time that art brings, allowing for necessary introspection.


Provided Sanctuary for Creatives

School can be tough, especially for those struggling with ‘traditional academic’ subjects. School setting can often reinforce hierarchy social structures based on academic ability. Everyone can understand a painting, not everyone can understand algebra or what an irregular verb is. Art is an opportunity to change the playing field, as it is more accessible than many other subjects and can actually be an enjoyable skill to finesse. 


Supports emotional wellbeing

Studies have shown that art can reduce anxiety, depression, and stress levels in children. Not only can it help your child feel calmer and happier while doing it, but it can still positively affect your childs mood for a while afterwards as well. Taking time to do nothing else but create art is an ideal way to unwind for children and adults alike, making it a great family activity.

Art can help with emotions management. Learning to stay calm and be patient when you make mistakes is a great life skill. Art can also help kids accept criticism and use it constructively – as well as invites them to welcome different points of view.

By helping your child develop creativity in early childhood, you may help them discover a lifelong passion that leads to a hobby or profession they can enjoy for years to come.