Section One


Learning Through Play

Before the fun begins we would like to let you know a little bit about how this kit is structured.

We believe children learn in different ways, some learn best through independent exploration and others through guided activities. Because of this, we have created activities specifically for these types of learning styles, structured play and free play . . .


Structured Play

The wall hanging activity is the most structured activity in the kits. It has been designed to produce a really impressive outcome by only following a few steps. We know some children may not enjoy the challenge of a fresh lump of clay.

Sometimes not being able to achieve the outcome they hoped for can be upsetting so we wanted to find a way to make pottery as stress free as possible. Not only does this activity provide step-by-step instructions and tutorial videos, they also have the assistance of clay cutters to avoid any unwanted mistakes made by the pressure of carving an object freehand. 


Free Play

If your mini potter prefers freestyling, this is their time to shine! Clay is a perfect medium, for free play, as your child can explore the clay by creating a piece and then squishing it down and starting again!

Because, of this the possibilities of free play and exploration are limitless! If this is the kind of mini artist you have, it is worth mentioning that they can freestyle all of the activities if they prefer! Just lay the materials out on the table and let them loose!



The wall hanging activity requires a few final fiddly steps to turn your child’s clay creation into a wall hanging. If they have not yet developed their fine motor skills to complete these steps independantly, this could act as an opportunity to enjoy a bit of collaborative creative time with them.